Residential Projects

Pad Car has worked with many homeowners and builders over the years to capture their dreams regarding comfort, efficiency and connectivity.

Whatever the size or special need, Pad Car has the experience to turn your dream into reality.

Many of our projects the use of hydronics for comfort control and zoning of the home, and high-velocity systems to optimize the effect of cooling while minimizing the ducting impact on the home. 

The team at Pad Car works closely with the homeowner to achieve a control system that gives them complete insight into their system and each space to the level of interaction and technology they desire. 

Pad Car has worked with air-source and water-to-water ground-source heat pump technologies for both efficiency and in some cases, to minimize outdoor equipment requirements and potential impacts.  The use of renewable energy systems such as solar arrays for domestic hot water and pool heating has been used in a multitude of projects, along with waste heat recovery systems on the ventilation side.


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