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Pad Car employs a dedicated registered Mechanical Engineer licensed in the province of Alberta with over 30 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field.

Over 30 years experience in the mechanical engineering field.

Pad Car has provided this service since the late 1990s and has worked with hundreds of clients to provide comprehensive one-stop mechanical services from conception to design to construction to life cycle servicing.

Pad Car prides itself on working closely with the customer to provide design options combined with real constructability and costing at the early stages of the project. 

Projects are customized to achieve the optimum design for the client’s wishes and budgets. Pad Car has worked closely with Architects, Structural,  Electrical,  Controls, and Fire protection designers on hundreds of projects to achieve the best mechanical system for the end client, project and design team.  Working in a collaborative setting has been key to delivering on these goals, and Pad Car has demonstrated this repeatedly for many clients in either a design-build role, P3, integrated product delivery role, design-assist role, bridging consultant role, cost savings role or bid specification role.

With our specialized design capability, Pad Car also prides itself on the strict commissioning of our installations and not just the installation quality of our services. 

It is equally important that the Pad Car team works closely with the entire project team through all stages of construction to ensure our systems perform the intended function for which they were designed, and this is optimized by having the engineering expertise in-house and available at all times.

Pad Car utilizes the latest design software specializing in AutoCAD suite products, specifically REVIT to ensure thorough Building Information Modelling.

We integrate all levels of efficiency, products, and methods to achieve the goals of our clients, whether it be to maximize efficiency of energy, minimize project material waste, or maximize comfort or control.

Our designs are both coordinated with all building specialties and specifics as well as optimized and customized to each project. With 3D modelling and manufacturer data incorporated into our design software use of these tools is much more than a drafting tool and truly brings the design aspect to being part of the whole process. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a leadership and progressive stance on the latest industry offerings regarding products and technology available to clients through our dedication to training and close relationships with industry manufacturers and associations.  


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