Industrial Projects

Pad Car's expertise extends into the industrial sector on a project-by-project basis, in which we have amassed a long history of successful projects.

Our industrial portfolio includes a diverse range of installations, showcasing our proficiency in handling complex and specialized projects.

Our diversified experience in the industrial sector underscores our adaptability and expertise, solidifying our reputation as a versatile and accomplished construction contractor.

These installations encompass various aspects of industrial infrastructure, including piping and ducting installations. 

Pad Car has adeptly tackled projects involving generator ducting and ventilation systems, extensive natural gas distribution networks, and humidification setups. In addition, we have implemented sewage lift stations for efficient waste management, wastewater, and freshwater distribution centers to ensure the seamless flow of essential resources. We also have expertise in large compressed air distribution systems integrated with reliable compressors, and specialized projects within the greenhouse sector.


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